Important Information About Your Visit

You will have your Permanent Cosmetic Makeup applied with the finest pigments available. I use the Noveau Contour digital machine when implanting the pigment, which is much more gentle on the skin. A sterile needle and new fresh pigment is used for each procedure. For microblading procedures, I use all single use disposable microblades. For your safety, I follow all asepsis rules as outlined by OSHA, CDC and the State Department of Health and Safety. Your risk of infection begins the moment you leave my facility. It is important to follow your aftercare instructions to avoid color loss, irritation, and infection. Proper care of your Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is essential in order to receive the best results.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is Permanent

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is tattooing of the facial features.  I use Iron Oxide, which is a natural form of Ink!  Called, Pigment!  It is actually made from dirt!  The pigment will fade over a period of 1-5 years.

Touch-up Care

The skin heals somewhat unpredictably - no two people heal exactly the same. Although you follow your aftercare instructions, I know that you have no control over the way your skin heals. There are many factors that affect healing. Light spots after the healing can be normal. Sometimes a touch-up visit at 5-6 weeks is necessary to darken the color and fill in any light spots.


Some factors that may affect healing are:

  • Not following your aftercare instructions
  • Lifestyle
  • Metabolism
  • General health
  • Age of the skin, elasticity
  • Condition of the skin: excessive oiliness/dryness, uneven texture, scar tissue
  • Medications: over the counter and prescribed
  • Medical conditions: temporary and chronic
  • Chemical Exfoliants: alpha hydroxy, glycolic or phenol acids, Retin-A, Retinol, and fruit peels and bleaching creams
  • Mechanical exfoliants: Microdermabrasion
  • Facial surgery, implants and Botox
  • Fat transfers, collagen or Restylane
  • Sun exposure: casual as well as extended
  • Tanning beds
  • Smoking
  • Anything that affects your body’s largest organ: the skin

You Will Approve the Design and Color

My ultimate goal is to assist you in looking your best. For this reason I schedule large blocks of time to consult with you on color and design. Once you have approved the design the permanent color is applied. At the follow-up visit light spots are filled in but only minor adjustments can be made to the design. Remember I can always darken up the color on your second visit, but it is very difficult to lighten it. For that reason being conservative with regards to color is the best policy.

Long Term Maintenance

Over time the color will fade. All the factors that affect healing will all contribute to how the color will fade over time. In addition lighter colors will fade faster than darker ones. Therefore you need to maintain your Permanent Make-up in the future in order to keep looking your best.

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