Areola Micropigmentation

Breast cancer can be a devastating illness. After reconstructive surgery, many clients say they do not feel "complete" due to a lack of color where the nipple/areola would be. Permanent color is applied to give a soft, natural appearance of the nipple/areola.

Corrective Color Camouflage

There are very few regulations in the field of permanent cosmetic makeup. Anyone can purchase a machine and begin to apply makeup. Choosing the right technician is the utmost importance. Do not just look at the lowest price. Remember this is your face and although permanent cosmetic makeup fades over time, bad work can be devastating. A large amount of my practice involves correcting bad work. Eyebrows and lips with the wrong shape that turn the color blue or purple, or eyeliner too thick and done unevenly, are just a few of the horror stories.

If the shape of the brow and lip color is good but the color is bad (i.e., too dark, blue or purple), Corrective Color Camouflage is available. A corrective color is implanted over the incorrect color. Blue, purple, or red brows or lip color can again be the desired color.


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup benefits those individuals who always want to look their best! Here are some reasons to consider permanent makeup:

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